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Online Golf Lessons, Tips And Instruction For You

What does the Wireless Golf Coach offer?
An online golf academy can come in many forms. What really does an online, internet or mobile academy have to offer? Well, at Wireless Golf Coach (WGC), we offer lessons, instructions and tips to help you improve and more importantly enjoy the game. A mobile academy can have many offerings. WGC offers you the opportunity to learn the game in many different formats. No matter you learning style or how quickly that you want to learn, WGC provides you the ability to do it. We offer a variety of online memberships that will allow you to learn all aspects of the game no matter your skill level through personalized golf lessons. Through the use of technology, we offer live webinars with PGA of America Professionals that allow you to ask any extra questions that you may have. It simply does not matter your skill level, learning style or where you are in the world (as long as you have an internet connection), the professionals with WGC will make you a better player.

Online Golf Academy
An online or internet academy can come in many forms. What really does an internet academy have to offer? Well, at WGC, we offer the following to help you improve and more importantly enjoy the game. Click the link above.

Online Golf Schools
WGC Golf Academy offers various online golf schools. Our online corporate schools are tailored to each and every client to specifically fit their needs. We can provide any type of instruction to satisfy your group’s skill level(s). WGC also provides ladies only schools and clinics, juniors only schools and clinics as well as short game schools at various times of the year.
With individual lessons, the program can be structured to include all aspects of the game such as the fullswing, chipping, pitching, putting, golf course management, fitness and nutrition. The WGC Academy's main goal is to give you the information for your to achieve all of your golfing goals and enjoy the game.

Golf Webinars
Many people are confused about the term “Webinar” and simply because they have not participated in a “Golf Webinar” before. So what is it? Really it is just a seminar placed or shown on the web. We like to explain it like this...Web + Seminar = Webinar! A webinar is a great way to interact with the WGC Professionals to gain a better understanding of your game.

Ladies Golf Lessons
Instruction for ladies comes in many different forms as well. Some ladies like to learn any one-on-one setting in a private lesson. Other ladies prefer to learn the game while attending a ladies group clinic or a ladies only school. Many ladies prefer learning in a group. Women enjoy the social aspects that this format brings as well as ad this seems to be less intimidating to them as it is just not them and the instructor. Not all professionals are scary! They are there to help you.

Junior Golf Lessons
It goes without saying that junior golf is the future of our game. It really does not take a genius to figure that out. Many juniors have grown up using the newer technology and are used to consuming their information through mobile devices including mobile phones, iPads and laptops. WGC gives juniors multiple ways to get involved in this great game.

Free Golf Lessons
WGC offers free online lessons in a variety of forms. With a free membership, you will have access to articles and videos that cover all aspects of the game including the full swing, putting, short game, the mental game as well as talk about the proper equipment to use for various skill levels. No matter whether you want to simply learn how to play the game or if you want to sharpen your current skills, we have the instructors to help you do just that.

Golf Fitness
WGC will give you access to people who know fitness and how the swing works in tandem with fitness. Not only will we share information about helpful exercises to improve your game, we will also share nutrition tips.

Golf Tournaments
There are many different facets to a tournament that many of the participants do not realize must go on into the event in order to have a successful outing. Here is some information on a few different event topics. If you have any questions feel free to contact WGC.

The WGC Mission
“Promote the game of golf to all around the world by providing our members the ability to receive affordable personalized golf lesson virtually anywhere.”

Wireless Golf Coach allows golfers that already use mobile devices and/or technology to learn as much as they want to about golf at their own pace. Many golfers want to find golf instruction via the internet. Wireless Golf Coach will provide personalized mobile golf lessons that will be web-based and can be accessed from a home computer, mobile phone or iPad for less than the average price of one golf lesson which is listed by as $70 - $90 per hour.

This Wireless Golf Coach mission will be accomplished through providing free online golf tips as well as selling low cost membership subscriptions that will allow a member to take an unlimited number of golf lessons anywhere that they can obtain an internet connection with their preferred device such as a laptop, smartphone or iPad.

Wireless Golf Coach will also sell corporate outings, golf equipment, golf training aids and golf schools to help golfers improve in an attempt to grow the game of golf. These activities all support the company’s mission statement:

“Promote the game of golf to all around the world by providing our members the ability to receive affordable personalized golf lesson virtually anywhere.”

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Can You Benefit From iPhone Golf Lessons?

Wireless Golf Coach is often asked if iPhone golf lessons are good to take. Of course, that is a loaded question for us. As with any type of instruction, you will need to find a qualified golf instructor. Once you feel that you are getting good information from one source you should be off to the races. Unfortunately, many players try to use every quick tip or instruction that they hear. Guess what…it is not all good for you! You need to have personalized online golf lessons in order to make it work.

Who is an iPhone golf lesson good for? 
The great part about learning golf on your iPhone is that it is on your terms. You can read articles, watch videos or watch a golf webinar. The format of the webinar will change from instructor to instructor. However, most of the time you can be as anonymous as you want to be. Many times you will be typing your question and the instructor will read and answer it on camera. If you are a social butterfly, you will be able to meet other golfers and sta…

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Many golfers want putting drills to help them improve their stroke and get the ball in the hole faster. Many golfers will hear that a friend used a golf putting drill that helped them and make the mistake that the same drill will help them too. Here are a few reasons why it does not work that way and what you should be looking for to find the best putting drills to improve your game.

Learning Styles
There are three major learning styles auditory, feel and visual. Auditory would be that the way that you best consume information is hearing it. For example, an instructor can simply tell you to do something different, you hear it and you can do it. Learning through feel you have to be able to feel the new movement before you can begin to learn it. Most golfers are visual and like to be shown something and then try to repeat it. One is not better than another, it is simply that we are build or wired differently. The putting lesson your friend may have received was for a visual learner. How…

Are You Taking Putting Lessons?

For some reason students seem reluctant to take putting lessons. I do not quite understand this as improving your putting is the fastest way to lower your scores.

I think that students do not want to take putting lessons for a couple of reasons…
Doing work on the range trying to hit the ball far and straight feels and sounds sexier and more fun than improving your putting with a putting drill. Many players like to compare themselves by how far they can hit not only the driver but also their irons. I always preferred to have the lowest score at the end of the round and collect my winnings. I figured that was impressive enough!People in general do not like to do things that they are not good at. I am guilty of this myself with my putting. Why go and get frustrated on the practice putting green when I can go to the driving range to hit good shots that I know that I can hit? Many times ego gets in the way.Another reason is one that actually does not fall on the student but the instructor.…

Golf Lessons Online

With the technology that is available to the vast majority of us, you can learn the game of golf in many different ways in today's world. Taking golf lessons online is great news to all players as they all have less time and less money to improve their games. Here are some of the ways that they can help you save money and improve your game...

Golf Swing Lessons Online – In recent years, tips from the internet have grown in popularity, for the simple reason that they address the problem of finding time away from the course to actually take instruction. What are the pros and cons from taking tips from the internet?

Personalized Online Golf Lessons - You do not have to go diving into thousands of articles or videos trying to figure out which article or video is the best one to better your swing. By using a laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or desk top, you will answer a series of very simple questions about your ball flight and the proper drill will be given to you right on your devi…

Member Question - How To Control Putting Speed

Member Question: I have a hard time with hitting two putts in a row the same speed. Even on the practice green, my putting speed is horrible. I can try to hit a ball about 15 feet and try to hit a second ball to barely touch it. The second ball rarely comes close to being close to the first ball. Sometimes it is long and sometimes it is short. The result is just not consistent. Any putting tips to help me with my putting speed?

Thank you for your question. When students are that inconsistent with speed of putts or distance control, it is typically because they are not hitting the putts solid.

Now, what does that mean in English? In hitting any shot solid it means that you hit the club-face in the same spot on every stroke. If you need to know how to find the sweet spot on your putter, it is easy to do. Simply let take your putter by the grip and let it dangle using only your forefinger and thumb. Next take a golf ball and start tapping the putter face. Once the club head goes straigh…