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Online Golf Lesson - Golf Shanks and How to Stop Them

There is no question about it. A golf shank also known as a shank shot is a very dirty word to many golfers. Although many new players struggle with the shanks, even experienced players can have a bout of them. Yes I just described that like it is an illness. If you have ever had them, you know they can be very tough to cure!

So then two simple questions come to the surface: 1. What causes them? 2. More importantly, how do I fix them? Here are two main causes of a golf shank and how to fix this dreaded shot:
  1. 1  Cause of golf shanks - You have too much weight on your toes going through the impact zone. This moves the path of the shaft out or closer to the golf ball and exposes the hosel of the club to the golf ball.
  • Fix – Many players have problems with their balance especially once the swing begins. The truth is that there are two types of balance that you need to be concerned with in your golf swing. The first is static balance. This would be talking about your balance in your set up position. How can you check this? I am so glad that you asked! You can check this by simply monitoring where the weight is in your feet. Most people can tell where their balance is from side to side. Most players get in trouble by either having their weight too far forward on their toes or too far back on their heels. You should be able to feel your weight or balance on the arches of your feet and be able to pick up your toes and wiggle them within your shoes. Static balance is as simple as that. Dynamic balance is the balance that you have while you are moving or making your golf swing. We will want to monitor it through the impact position. You can do this by placing an inexpensive dowel rod underneath your feet as you take your stance. If you are out of balance, you will automatically feel your body adjust.
  1. 2  Cause – Extreme inside or outside path on the backswing
  • Fix - Within every golf swing, there is a cause and effect happening or maybe better said for every action there must be a reaction. For example, many players take the golf club away too far to the inside (picture the player who wraps it around their body). If they naturally swing forward, they will miss the ball entirely unless they re-route the golf club and come what is known as over the top or start the downswing with their shoulder. This results in the club swiping across the ball starting the golf ball to the left if the clubface is applied and not the hosel. The fix is to take half swings. The club on the back swing should stop so it is parallel to the target line, parallel to the ground and the toe of the club is pointing towards the sky. You should then swing through to the same position on the forward swing. The golf club should be parallel to the target line, parallel to the ground and the toe of the club is pointing towards the sky. Once you are proficient at hitting balls with this length of swing, slowly add length to the forward swing. The back swing will take care of itself!
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