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Junior Golf Drills

A great way for kids to learn how to play golf is thorough junior golf drills. The challenge in this format is that junior golfers range from 2 years of age through 18 years of age. Obviously, the development, maturation and skill set widely vary in this segment of youth golfers. For the purposes of this article, the drills will be given for those youth golfers from about 13- 18 years of age.
At this age, many young golfers think that the game is all about hitting the ball as far as possible and will want to only stand on the driving range and swing as hard as they can. This is a good to an extent. However, there are more facets of the game that they have to be able to perform in order to play the game at a competitive level. Here are some of the best junior golf drills for the full swing and for putting…

Junior Full Swing Drill 
As we have already stated, many juniors just want to hit the ball as far as they can. This is especially true for those that are not quite teens or are just in their teenage years and have not fully developed muscularly yet. Having been there, it is difficult to understand that the distance will come. A great junior golf drill to help them and their score is to let them swing as hard as they want to swing. Yes, I said … let them swing as hard as they want to swing… With one caveat… they MUST stay in balance. You will monitor this by having them count to three very slowly once they get into their finish position. All golfers need to create speed. This can become a very fun game for juniors that allow them to allow them to create speed while keeping their balance.

Junior Putting Drill 
Many golf coaches will tell you that what separates the good players from the very good players is what happens around the hole on the putting green. In junior golf lessons, the biggest challenge that players have with making short putts is actually getting the ball started online. It is important to make sure that the putter face is equal to the right palm (for right handed golfers). Once you are sure that the putter is being held properly. Go to the hole and drop golf balls just two feet away from the hole. Yes, just two feet away and start putting. From this distance, even if you strike a bad putt, the ball more than likely will go in the hole and this will build confidence. While watching all of these balls going into the hole, you will be able to see which direction the ball is starting off of the putter face. It will not take very long at all to see the tendencies and make the adjustments that will need to be made. There are many aspects to the game of golf. Using these two junior golf drills, they will improve their game and get closer to their goals no matter if it is to play for fun or to play competitively.

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