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Golf Drills

Every golfer at some point and time has used golf drills in an attempt to improve their swing and their scores. There are various types of drills and here a few examples:
  • Online Golf Drills – We all have gone online looking for the answer to our golfing woes. The challenge is that there is a lot of information online, maybe too much information. WGC can provide you with personalized online golf lessons. No more guessing which video might cure your slice or hook. The best drill will be sent directly to you.
  • Putting Drills - Most of the shots you lose in a round of golf comes from a bad putting stroke. Putting basically comes down to distance and direction. Is one more important than another or does it matter on the length of the putt? Find drills here to help you with both distance and direction.
  • Golf Putting Drills - Now that you have delegated time to practice your putting, how can you best use your practice time to improve your putting? Since putting is dependent on distance and line you will need to decide which one needs more works. Hint…more than likely it is getting the ball on the correct line.
  • Golf Practice Goals - If you go into your practice time with no outlined goals, congratulations as you will accomplish just that…nothing. You should realize that you need a purpose for your practice or you will become very bored very quickly and will not see any changes in your game and your scores will not go down. Here are four purposes for practice.
  • Golf Practice Drills - There are many practice drills and you must select one that is correct to fix the challenge in your swing. Let’s be honest, no matter how good or bad your current swing is, making it better usually comes down to executing the fundamentals of golf. Below you will find some common swing drills for practice that you can use to get your game back on track:
  • Golf iPhone Drills – Have you ever been working on the range and all of a suddenly become stuck? You did not know what to do next? You just knew that you were hitting the ball like crap. You pull up a couple videos from you tube but they are so many which one do you choose? Would it not be nice to have personalized golf lessons for you right on your iPhone? WGC can do that for you!
  • Golf Android Drills – Ever been on the practice tee and nothing works? You pull up Golf Channel website on your Android, but how do you pick from the literally thousands of videos? WGC can provide you with unlimited personalized lessons that you can view right from your Android.
  • Ladies Golf Drills – Ladies, as already stated, using drills is a great way to better understand or get a feeling of what needs to happen in your golf swing. They may feel funny at first and it is simply because you do not many experiences with making that motion and drills can assist you in becoming more aware for what is happening in your swing.
  • Junior Golf Drills – Many juniors can benefit from using drills. As they go through various growing spurts and their coordination varies, this is a great way to keep them on the right track. In addition, many of them can be made into a fun game and will keep the child’s interest in the game.
  • Golf Beginner Drills – When first learning how to play, using drills can help you gain feelings that you have not been able to experience yet since you do not have many experiences.
  • Golf Power Drills – How can I hit it farther? You have to hit the ball in the center of the club face and then create more club head speed. This is done by creating a strong core group of muscles. These drills will teach you how to use them to gain more distance.
  • Golf Drills to Create Lag – If you want to be a good player, you will need to understand what lag is and how to create lag in your swing.
  • Chicken Wing Golf Drills - Stop hitting the ball with the chicken wing. Many people hear that they have one and do not understand what is happening to have people say that to them.
  • Short Game Drills – Most of our strokes are taken from 100 yards away from the flag and closer. Understanding all of the aspects of the short game including chipping, pitching, the lob shot and bunker play are vital to being able to shoot a low score and/or simply enjoy the game!
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