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3 Putting Drills To Improve Your Putting

I want to improve my putting. I want some putting drills to help me improve my short putts as well as my lag putts. My trouble is a get bored fairly easy on the putting green so any putting drills that can be incorporated into games with my buddies would be great. Here are some of the best putting drills that we often use to help our students improve their putting:

Lag Drill 
When it comes to putting for distance, we all tend to miss longer putts more short and long as opposed to right and left. This is one of my favorite putting drills. Place a tee anywhere where the putting green and fringe meet. Begin by hitting putts from varying distances from 10 to 50 feet towards the tee. The goal is to stop your golf ball as close to the fringe as possible. Challenge a friend or challenge yourself by continuing the putting drill until you can stop so many balls in side of a certain distance. This will be determined by your current skill level.

Pull Back Drill
The pull back drill is one of the g…

Junior Golf Webinars

More and more juniors are learning the game by using new technology. This includes junior golf webinars, video instruction, golf apps, smart phones, lap tops and IPAds. This generation is not afraid to use all of this newer technology to learn new skills as they have grown up having it around them all of the time. Below are some of the questions that we get about a junior golf webinars and our memberships:

What is discussed during junior golf webinars? 
This will depend on how the “host” sets it up. Many times the webinar will begin with a presentation and will be followed by a question and answer period. At this point, the golfer will have access the instructor via a text/chat or by video. This will depend on the technology that the instructor is using. So what is being discussed can really be anything. The instructor may have a topic or it could be an open discussion of the full swing, putting stroke, junior golf equipment or simply how to game more fun while learning and playing the …

Ladies Golf Webinar

No matter whether you are a new golfer or you have been playing for quite some time, a ladies golf webinar can not only help you to improve but also have more fun. Many ladies ask us what is covered in a session. The answer to this is really up to you as you have the ability to ask questions and interact with the moderator about anything that you do not understand or would like more information. Obviously, the sessions will often cover the fundamentals and a few other topics such as…

Ladies Golf Webinar – Full Swing The most obvious topic would be the full swing. Webinars come in a few different forms. Some will begin with a recorded presentation and allow participants to ask questions of a moderator at the end. Others are interactive throughout the entire process. With this being said you can receive instruction on the grip, stance, posture, balance, backswing forward swing and follow through. Depending on the instructor’s setup, it can feel like you are taking a one on one lesson. Th…

What Is A Golf Webinar?

Very simply put it is an online golf seminar. It can come in a couple of different forms. It could be a pre-recorded presentation on a certain topic. For example, if you were attending a putting webinar, a presentation could be shown over the fundamentals of putting. Another form would be a live webinar. A live webinar is awesome because you have someone that you can communicate with through submitting questions or comments through a message board or Facebook. Google+ now offers what is called a Google+ hangout. This allows up to ten people to video conference each other. This type of golf web seminar would be the equivalent to taking part in a golf clinic. In many cases, multiple forms are used at once.

Why Attend Webinars? '
There are many benefits to attending a web seminar on golf. Here are just a few reasons:
1. Cost – Receiving instruction in this format is typically much less expensive than taking a one on one lesson. This is a great option for you no matter whether you are a …

Golf Training Aids

Golfers learn the game in various ways. A golf training aid is a great way to help you to learn to play golf as they can help you improve all facets of your game. Students basically learn through one of three ways, by feel, by sound or by visual cues. Depending on which training aid you use, the product may provide all three of them for you. This may not seem like a big deal but it is. Just imagine if you learn best by sound or being told what to do. However the training aid that you are using does not make a sound but gives you the feel for what you are supposed to do? I am going to bet that you are going to struggle to improve with that particular practice aid.
So…How do you know which golf practice aid is right for you? If you are already taken lessons form a PGA Professional, then they should be able to help you find a product that matches your learning style. If you do not currently take lessons, you can find a golf webinar at Wireless Golf Coach that can help you.
We are going to …

Golf Bags

It does not matter whether you are a serious golfer or one that just likes to go and have fun and socialize on the course, one thing is for sure, you will definitely need a golf bag. To get you started, here is a list...

Golf Bags - Once you have selected the right golf bag for you and your game, you will have more time to focus and concentrate on your game and having fun.

Best Golf Bag - The more you play golf, the more selective you are likely to become to find the best golf bag that you choose to use for your game. You can choose golf equipment that meets a variety of practical needs, while also selecting from a range of styles that express the correct tone for who you are as a golfer.

New Golf Bag - Purchasing the correct new golf bag can be critical to how much you will enjoy the game of golf. Nobody wants to struggle or fight for eighteen holes with their golf bag by trying to find the right golf clubs or if the bag does not fit you correctly.

Discount Golf Bags – Discount golf bag…

Golf Tournament Planning

Golf tournament planning can be a daunting task if you have not done it before. There are many factors to consider and these factors will vary depending on the goals of your tournament. For example, are you hosting a charity event, a corporate event with clients or both? Although we simply cannot cover everything in one article, here is some information that will definitely be helpful to you and will help you plan a great event!

Golf Tournament Calendar or Timeline – Yes this is as it seems. You can do this even before you pick the facility or the date and add these items to the calendar. This will help keep you organized and meet deadlines as the closer we get the more hectic everything around the tournament will become.

Golf Tournament Committee Planning – Whether you need to create committees or not will depend on the size of your tournament and the goals that you have for the event. Many charity events, especially large ones, will create multiple committees. They do this not only to…

Golf Tournament Gifts

Whether you are just having a small event with your buddies or you are running a large tournament, golf tournament gifts will add value to the experience. Depending on the size and type of your event, custom golf tournament gifts can be something small and fun or large and classy.

Especially at corporate golf events or charity golf events, participants will often receive golf tournament gifts as they check in prior to playing their round. Embroidered golf hats and embroidered golf shirts are popular tee favors to give away to the players at this point. These items can be customized to each event with multiple locations to place a logo on either garment. In addition, it will provide advertising for the company or event when the embroidered hat or shirt is worn the rest of the year.

Golf tournament gifts are also awarded for contests that are held prior to the event such as a putting contest. Many charity golf tournaments will do this in order to raise money for their cause. It can be don…

Tee Gifts

Tee gifts, also known as tee prizes, are a part of almost every club, charity or corporate tournament that is held. We are often asked “What is a tee gift?” Simply put, it is what you provide to the participants for playing in your event.

It or they are typically given out at the registration table prior to the event. Depending on the type of event, the tee prizes will vary in what you give and how much customization that they entail. You will decide this while doing your golf tournament planning and developing the budget for the event. Here are some ideas to make a part of the next tee gift package that you create:

Tournament Shirts – Kind of goes without saying, does it not? Tournament logoed shirts are one of the most popular items in a package. Depending on the type of event, event coordinators can find shirts at various price points that will fit into their budget. Not only can you place the events logo on the shirt but any other sponsors that you may have as well. The participants…

Corporate Logoed Shirt

As it is becoming tougher and tougher to compete in today’s marketplace, every business needs a way to promote themselves and corporate logoed shirts allow you to be more visible. Logoed corporate shirts can give you the exposure that you need without breaking the bank.

It is no secret that finding new clients or customers is much tougher than keeping the clients and customers that you already have. Current clients and customers can be marketing tools or individual sales people, if you will, for your business. With this being said, it is imperative that you keep your current clients and customers happy.

As all shirts have multiple opportunities for logo positions, some companies that have similar customers but sell different products will even go in together and split the cost of the order, to get more bang for their buck. To find out where a logo can be placed on a shirt, simply look at golfers Lee Westwood or Padrig Harrington. These two seem to be in a contest of who can wear more lo…

Tournament Shirts

Golf Tournament Shirts 
Depending on the type of event that you are running, a golf tournament shirt may be the best option for a tournament prize or a tee gift. Many events use the shirt as the base of their tee gift package and include a hat and golf balls as well. What you give to the players will depend on your budget. However, no matter your budget there are many options available to you.

Corporate Logoed Shirts 
As it is becoming tougher and tougher to compete in today’s marketplace. Every business needs a way to promote themselves and to be more visible...even if ... it feels like you want to pull back the reigns. Corporate logoed shirts can give you the exposure that you need without breaking the bank. You can use this logos in many different ways. You could make them part of the employee uniform, give them away as a promotional piece or as a tournament prize.

Promotional Golf Shirts 
Golf promotional shirts have been a part of a corporate tournament since they were first created! …

Ladies Golf Instruction

In giving ladies golf instruction for many years now, I have heard over and over again how many of their husbands want to “help” them with their game. This is always kind of funny to me as the husbands know that the wives are paying for professional instruction. Sometimes, I am even standing right there! Okay before we beat up on the husbands too badly, I will say most of them do just want to help. I have found one simple little phrase that helps my students get rid of the extra help without making their spouse mad! It is simply…”That is exactly what I have been working on. Thank you.” The spouse feels good because they feel like they have helped and my student feels better because they can now practice!
With that being said, ladies golf instruction comes in many forms and will need to be in various forms depending on your goals and current skill level. Here are some suggestions:

Beginner Ladies Golf Instruction – If you are just starting to play golf…great! Even if you have enrolled in…

Ladies Golf Lessons

No matter whether you are a beginner or have been playing the game for years, there is a variety of ladies golf lessons that will help you understand the game, get to meet and socialize with others and have more fun while you play! Here is a short list of various formats that you may like to take ladies golf instruction:

Private Ladies Golf Lesson – This is what most people think of when they think of a golf lesson. Yes you have the professional to yourself but many can see that as an intimidating situation and one on one time with a qualified golf instructor is not always cheap.

Ladies Golf Classes – This is a popular way to take instruction especially for the beginners looking to learn the basics or fundamentals. As a student, you will want the instructor to student ratio to be at or below 6 to 1. Any more than that and the instructor will have a difficult time giving you any individual time at all. Again, this will go back to your goals and what you are looking to learn from the clas…

Beginning Ladies Golf Instruction | Beginning Ladies Golf Lessons

If you are just starting to play golf…great! Even if you have enrolled in some beginning ladies golf instruction or lessons, there are a few things that I get asked about often that may not be covered. Many clinics do not cover topics such as how to make tee times, dress codes and tipping at the golf course.

A tee time is also known as a starting reservation. By definition, it is the time that you will go off the designated first tee. It is a lot like a dinner reservation. How tee times are vary from course to course. The vast majority of the time you can call the golf shop and they will happy to assist you in making a starting time. There may be a window of how far out you may book a tee time. For example you may only be able to book a starting reservation seven days in advance. This will depend on the courses policies.

Some courses and clubs offer online tee times. You access their website through a browser and make your time online. Lastly some country clubs have a lottery for tee ti…

Ladies Golf

As it is been for many years the largest growing segment of new players in the game is ladies. Research from the PGA of America shows, avid female players play 72 rounds a year versus avid male players that play 74 rounds a year.

Ladies Instructions - Instruction for ladies comes in many different forms. Some ladies like to learn any one-on-one setting in a private lesson. Other ladies prefer to learn the game while attending a ladies group clinic or a women's golf school. Many ladies prefer learning in a group and this seems to be less intimidating to them as it is just not them in the professional. Not all professionals are scary! They are there to help you.

Ladies Equipment - Ladies equipment is still lacking it is getting better and better. Depending on your skill level, a regular ladies shaft may not weigh enough and maybe too flexible for you. At that point, you would have to look into some other options such as senior shafts. No matter your skill level, you will want to get c…

Junior Golf Camp

Every summer, many children attend a junior golf camp or clinic. A golf camp or clinic comes in many forms and of course it will be best to contact the facility to double check what they will need to make their experience a great one. Many campers are going for the first time and they, as well as their parents, are not sure what they will need while they attend. Below is a short list that should get you on the correct path:

Golf Clubs 
As crazy as this might sound it happens. It is kind of like the warnings on products. You think why do they put that on there? Well, the answer simply is that somebody, somewhere actually tried it! If your junior does not have clubs, check with the facility as they may provide them for the instruction. If not, you can purchase single clubs and not spend a lot of money especially if your child is just trying the game for the first time. We suggest purchasing (in this order) a putter, a pitching wedge, a seven iron and a three wood. This will get your new g…

Junior Golf Lessons

It does not a rocket scientist to figure out the future of golf lies within growing junior golf. Depending on the age of your child and goals of your child, junior golf lessons can take many forms. Here is a short list of the options that are out there for your child to learn and enjoy the game of golf.

Private Junior Golf Lesson 
This is the traditional way to learn the game. A professional takes your child and teaches them one on one the fundamentals of the game. Although the child, if interested, can learn very quickly in the format, it is the most expensive way to learn how to play the game.

Junior Golf Camp 
Many kids are introduced to the game through a summer junior camp. Depending on the size of the camp, the kids are broken up in to groups typically by age although some camps divide students via skill level. It seems that students have to choose which sport they are going to play at a younger and younger age. With this being said, many camps are full of younger children so you wi…

Best Junior Golf Lessons

As summer is quickly approaching, many parents are looking for the best kids golf lessons for their children. Currently, kids golf classes or junior camps are starting to look much different than they did just a few short years ago.

Junior golf lessons used to typically be taught by a young assistant golf professional trying to cut their teeth in the world of golf instruction. To no fault of the young assistant, they would stand on the driving range and drill all of the students with “all of his knowledge.” In order to do this they would blabber big words that they thought made them sound smart but the kids had no idea what they were talking about. Understandably, the kids thought it was boring and many did not want to return for the second day of camp. Many of these students attended the rest of the week not wanting to be there. This was difficult on the student and the instructor as well.

As more and more research has been conducted, the best junior golf lessons incorporate many activ…

Junior Golf

It goes without saying that junior golf is the future of our game. It really does not take a genius to figure that out. Here are multiple ways to get your child involved in this great game...

Junior Golf Lessons - Would be time that the junior would spend one on one with a golf instructor. These lessons are beneficial to the children who really are interested in the game and are looking to excel. This time can be used to work on any aspect of the game and should include time out on the golf course as well.

Junior Golf Webinar – These discussions are broken into two different sections, one being for the actual juniors and another for the parents to keep the game fun and their children interested in the game of golf.

Kids Golf Classes - Many young golfers are introduced to the game and fall in love with the game through kids golf classes. What is not to love? You are there with a lot of new and old friends learning to play a game while getting the fundamentals of a life-long game.

Junior Go…

Chipping Lesson - How To Properly Chip A Golf Ball

Are you tired of looking like you do not even know how to play golf even though you just missed the green? Sounds like you could use a quick and easy online chipping lesson. So what exactly is chipping? The definition in English is a shot that travel longer on the ground than it spends in the air. You do not need to be in the fringe to execute this shot. You can be farther off of the green and still use a chip since it determined by how far it rolls versus how long it is in the air. So to stop the madness, use these three simple tips to not only look like a golfer but get the ball in the hole faster to lower your scores:

Since we are trying to keep the golf ball low while chipping, we will want to de-loft or take the loft off of the golf club during the stroke. The good news is that we can pre-set this position. As we take our stance, this will be easy to do as we point our back foot directly at the ball. This will be the right foot for right-handed players. In addition, it is importan…

Fundamentals Of A Chip Shot

No matter whether you are playing junior golf or the PGA Tour, the short game can make or break any round of golf and you need to know the fundamentals of a chip shot. We, including tour players, all have bad ball striking days. Even the players on the PGA Tour do not hit every green in every round. However, knowing how to properly chip the ball will allow us to shoot lower scores even though we have missed the green.
Many golfers have become frustrated around the green and are not sure on what they should do. This leads to making a bad decision on how to best proceed to get the ball into the hole. The definition of a chip shot is simply to have the ball roll on the ground longer that it is in the air. Allowing the ball to get on the ground as soon as possible and run to the hole is typically the best percentage play. You can improve your chipping by following these three easy to follow tips:

1. Proper Ball Position 
Since we are trying to keep the golf ball low while chipping, we will w…

Short Game Lessons

Many instructors that give short game lessons will say that the short game is any shot within 100 yards of the hole location. The challenge with this is that there are juniors, ladies and senior golfers that 100 yard shot is still a full swing for them. Maybe the short game is all shots from within 60 yards of the hole for you. Each player needs to define this for themselves. With this being said, the fundamentals of short game shots will remain the same. These shots from off of the green include a chip shot, pitch shot and a lob shot. You should determine which one to play in this order:

Chip Shot 
A simple definition for a chip shot would be a shot that rolls farther than it is in the air. A lower trajectory, you must first place the ball back in your stance with sixty percent of your weight on your left foot for right-handed golfers. This will seem odd at first. Depending how low you need to hit the shot this could be as far back as the big toe on your right foot for a right-handed g…

One Handed Putting Drill

Many players struggle with getting a putt started on the correct line. A very simple one-handed putting drill has help many students get the feeling and master the mechanics of what is to happen in a consistent putting stroke.

There are multiple reasons for using this easy putting drill including
1. Students are able to feel that they are pulling the club through impact and not pushing the club through impact
2. Students can feel more of the swing of the putter
3. Students can better feel the ball against the club face at impact.

This putting drill is very simple to do and you will immediately gain feedback that you help you to improve. Go to a practice putting green and select a hole location. You would like for the hole location to be fairly flat or even slightly uphill. Drop a coin or place a tee into the green just two feet away from the hole. Yes, just two feet.

Next you will want to place a ball close to your mark or tee and take your grip and stance as if you were going to stroke the…

Ladies Putting Lesson

Many women enjoy putting and are open to taking a ladies putting lesson. Many ladies find it fun because they do not have to go to the driving range and try to belt the ball as far as they can on every swing. As a matter of fact, you can have fun doing putting drills or playing many putting games with your friends, spouse or kids that puts everyone on equal ground and the games can become pretty competitive at times.

A word of warning to the ladies…a standard length putter is typically 35 inches. This is typically to long for ladies. If this is the only putter that you have, you may want to grip the putter closer to the shaft. You can also check with your local PGA Professional. Many professionals can simply remove the grip and cut the putter down so it will fit you better and be more comfortable. It usually does not take long and is inexpensive. This will allow you to use the putter better and have more fun as well!
Putting is more on the finesse side of the game and anyone can become …

Online Putting Lesson

More and more golfers are looking to find the secret to their game by searching out online putting lessons. It seems natural as the world is becoming more and more mobile every single day. Especially in an urban setting, it is difficult to find somebody without an internet connection right on their mobile phone. They literally have the internet at their fingertips!
So…what do you need to know to find the best online putting lessons to help you lower your scores? Here are the various formats that you can find online putting tips…

Article – Of course, there is the standard article. Depending on your learning style, this may be the best format for you. Typically, the article will describe the tip, drill or lesson in detail and be accompanied by pictures to help you gain a clear understanding. You can find golf articles in many traditional golf magazines, sports magazines or you can simply search for them on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You would simply type in a search term related to your cu…

Putting Lessons

Putting is the most important aspect to learn if you are trying to play good golf. A putting lesson can come in many forms and below we will discuss some of the more popular options:
Online Putting Lesson – You are correct! You can receive great putting instruction as long as you have an internet connection. With the use of mobile devices such as a smart phone or an iPad, you can literally take your instructor with you anywhere. You do not have to worry about your schedule matching your instructors as the info can be consumed at your convenience.Distance Putting Lesson – When it comes down to it, only two things matter in putt…the distance and direction. Which is more important and why? How can you control your distance? I will give you a hint; you do not need the hole to practice this one!Direction Putting Lesson – If you are struggling with making short putts, more than likely it is your direction that needs some fixing. Learn what influences direction off of the putter more than any…

Online Golf Academy

With many people using technology to learn different tasks, they are also turning to an online golf academy to get their mobile golf instruction. Many players find that the convenience of being able to take their golf lessons anywhere works well with their schedules becoming more and more crowded. This is also true for those that travel for their job as they can now take their instructor with them no matter where they go! As long as they can grab an internet connection they can learn the game whenever they are ready! Here are just a few of the ways that players are improving their game using an online golf academy.

Free Golf Lessons
Many players look to an online golf school as they offer free online golf lessons. Although it is not always true, I am reminded of an adage that my father wore out…You get what you pay for. Make sure that the information is coming from a credible resource. As funny as this sounds, you will want to make sure that the new information or new tip matches with t…

Internet Golf Lessons

You must admit that how you consume information and how you learn new tasks has changed over the last few years. Internet golf lessons allow you to also learn how to play golf using this new technology. Just a few years ago learning the game of golf through the internet or online was not available. There are many benefits to taking internet golf instruction such as:
No “Techie” Needed With many of the available internet golf lessons you really do not need any technical skills. With most of the options, if you can surf the internet you already have the skills that you will need in order to take advantage of the online golf instruction. Currently, the definition os actually pretty broad. This simply means that you could be watching online videos answering questions about your swing or you could click on a webinar. Webinar is a new word to some and seems like a scary word but it is as about as easy as it comes.Not Intimidating One of the advantages of taking internet golf lessons is that …

Online Golf School

An online golf school is a new way to learn how to play golf or simply improve your game. There are many benefits to learning the game through this type of mobile golf lessons. Obviously, being mobile, you can take them with you everywhere you go with an internet connection. If you travel at all, this becomes a no-brainier for you to improve your game. You can get the instruction when your schedule allows and you are not depending on anybody else’s schedule. Finally, internet golf lessons are not intimidating as an in person one-on-one lesson or golf class can be for some players.

Private Golf Lessons – An online golf school can provide private golf lessons. This can happen in various ways. A popular way that this instruction is provided is that you will video your golf swing. You then send it to the online golf school for an instructor will review. The instructor may use golf instruction software to draw some lines or circles as they add their voice to the lesson to return to you. Thi…

Golf Clinic

Many players will attend a golf clinic when they are first learning how to play the game. Once it is over, they think that they have checked that box and there is no need to return. This is simply not true. The golf profession has become hung up on creating new golfers and, honestly, we are pretty good at it. The challenge becomes that once someone is introduced to the game, what do they do and where do they go from there?
There are many types of clinics available to all skill levels of golfers. Just because you have attended a clinic does not mean that you still cannot get good information on a second go around. Below are just few examples of these types of golf classes:

Online Golf Clinic – This may come in the form of a golf webinar. This format will vary depending on the instructor but it still can hold many benefits for you. Many golfers are too embarrassed to attend “live” lessons, as they are afraid that they will look silly. By learning through an online format, you may type you…