The Best Putting Drills To Improve Your Putting Stroke

The Best Putting Drills To Improve Your Putting Stroke

I want to improve my putting. I want some putting drills to help me improve my short putts as well as my lag putts. My trouble is a get bored fairly easy on the putting green so any putting drills that can be incorporated into games with my buddies would be great. We will find a way to create a little wager on it.

Here are some of the best putting drills that we often use to help our students improve their putting:

Lag drill

When it comes to putting for distance, we all tend to miss longer putts more short and long as opposed to right and left. This is one of my favorite ptting drills. Place a tee anywhere where the putting green and fringe meet. Begin by hitting putts from varying distances from 10 to 50 feet towards the tee. The goal is to stop your golf ball as close to the fringe as possible. Challenge a friend or challenge yourself by continuing the putting drill until you can stop so many balls in side of a certain distance. This will be determined by your current skill level.

Pull back drill

The pull back drill is one of the great putting drills or games to play with friends. Pick a set number of holes to play. Flip a tee to see who gets to pick the first location. Each player will keep track of their strokes. The catch is that when you miss any putt, you pull the ball back away from the hole the length of your putter. You next putt is to be stroked from the new distance. Obviously, this will make the short putts during your next round seem much easier.

Ladder drill

The ladder drill is one of those putting lessons that you may already do and not even know that you do it! You can do this drill on the practice putting green or on an indoor putting mat. Take five golf balls and drop them in a straight line every three feet from the hole. So every three feet you will have a ball from three feet to fifteen feet from the hole. Now start at either end of the line and work your way up and down the ladder. If you miss a putt, start all over. Again, this drill will put some pressure on you as you get closer to the end and will make the putts on the golf course much easier.

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