A Golf Tournament Has Many Moving Parts

A Golf Tournament Has Many Moving Parts

There are many different facets to a golf tournament that many of the participants do not realize must go on in order to have a successful event. Here is some information on a few different golf event topics. If you have any questions feel free to contact Wireless Golf Coach.


Tee Gifts

Participants in a corporate golf outing or a country club tournament such as a Member –Member or Member-Guest want to take away a memento from the event. This is true whether they won their flight or not. A tee gift or tee gifts can give every single player in your field a keepsake to take with them of their day or weekend. The proper type of gift to give will be based on things such as the type of event (is it a charity event or a corporate event) as well as the allotted budget for the tee gifts. The gifts for a corporate event are typically more extravagant as they corporation is trying to “woo” customers or suppliers that are playing in the event.

Tournament Shirts

Golf tournament shirts come in the form of polo shirts, mock shirts, performance shirts and button down shirts. They are stylish, come in short or long sleeves, can be worn by men or women. Giving away tournament shirts will take your golf event to another level and give the participants something to remember the event. In addition, when they wear it after the tournament, they will be advertising for next year’s event. Having a great time on the golf course as well as receiving their tournament shirt will insure that they will become a sales person/recruiter for your next event!

Tournament Hats

One of the benefits of a golf tournament hat is the fact that they can be easily outfitted with logos for easy promotion. This is where you can get very creative. You can have your own logo embroidered onto the hat and wear it yourself, distribute hats to your employees, make them a part of your employee’s uniforms, hand them out to customers and vendors, or you can use them as prizes. No matter how you do it, exposing your logo to the public can be profitable in that you are giving your business exposure that it would not have otherwise.

Golf Tournament Planning

There are many aspects to golf tournament planning. Many players show up and play and never realize all of the planning and organization that has gone into making the day enjoyable. Depending on the type of tournament you are running, you will need a calendar of events leading up to the event, create a tournament check list, an agenda for duties the day of the event, select tournament committees, create a tournament budget, buy tournament tee gifts as well as select and buy tournament prizes.

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