Your First Golf Lesson - Answers To Your Questions

Your First Golf Lesson - Answers To Your Questions

First Golf LessonYou have decided to play the great game of golf and take your first golf lesson. Great! Many beginners are worried and nervous prior to taking their first lesson. Guess what? It happens to me too! And I am a golf professional!

Although it can be intimidating, you have to remember that the professional is there to help you enjoy the game. You should not be scared to ask questions as this is your lesson and how you are going to learn. Keep in mind that you are the consumer and this is your golf lesson.

No matter if your first lesson is an individual lesson or in a group setting, there are still many questions that we commonly get and we will talk about a few of these below:

What Do I Need To Bring?

You will want to discuss this with the professional prior to your appointment or class. Instructors have different thoughts on how to start the process. Some will have you start on the putting green and some will take you directly to the driving range.

If you do not have clubs, no worries. Many professionals will provide you golf clubs from a rental set or a demo bin to get you started. If you do not have golf clubs it would be wise to let the professional know this prior so you are wasting your lesson time trying to track down or find a club for you to use.

What Do I Wear?

This will greatly depend on the facility in which you take your instruction. As some facilities allow denim and t-shirts, others enforce various dress codes. Guys you will most likely need a shirt with a collar. Ladies, you can never go wrong with a collar but some clubs all you not to have a collar but require the garment to have sleeves. Again, it is best to contact the facility prior to your instruction to be clear on the policies.

How Do I Find The Right Golf Instructor?

We have written an article on this and you can access it by clicking here. The article tells you not only about how to go about finding a good fit for you but will also give you some questions to ask prior to your appointment to make sure the instructor is a good fit for you.

What Will We Do?

This will depend on whether you are taking an individual lesson or a group lesson. With that being said, more than likely the professional will give a short presentation on the key fundamental that you are to work on that session and then walk you through how to properly execute the motion or movement. Keep in mind that it is your golf lesson and if you have a question or do not understand the concept then you need to ask a question. Sometimes it is easy for an instructor to start rattling off golf terms as it is part of their regular vocabulary but the student may or may not have those words in their vocabulary yet.

The main point to remember about your first golf lesson is that you should have fun! If you do not understand something, do not be afraid to ask. It is your lesson!

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