How Do I Lower My Launch Angle With My Irons?

How Do I Lower My Launch Angle With My Irons?

When hitting and iron, how do I lower my launch angle? It is too high and I am not getting the distance that I should. I am a 6 handicap that typically starts the ball to the right of my target and then the golf ball fades to the right…but…I launch it very high when hitting a draw as well.  I have a 32 degree launch angle with a six iron.

Thank you for your question and the info you provided. With this being said,
There are a couple of ways that this could go and I will address both of them. I believe your answer will fall somewhere in between your equipment and a swing fix. Here we go:

Iron swing

1.  Swing Fix

A.    Covering the ball –
Many times when I see an initial flight this high, the student is not what teachers call “covering the ball.” Typically the handle or grip is back closer to even with the ball at impact. This can happen for a couple of reasons ( as everything thing else with a golf swing).

First make sure that you are finishing with your weight on your left side. An easy way to check this is by making a swing and making sure that I can see the entire bottom of your shoe as I stand down the line behind you.  An example would be the guy on the left. Once done be able to count …s l o w l y… to three while maintaining balance.

I would also suggest what I call the “gun drill” or “pistol drill” to improve your impact position.  This should help you square the club face thus placing less loft on the golf ball at impact and bringing your flight down. Pick a target and address the golf ball as you normally would. Now for a right handed golfer, take your thumb and index finger of your right hand off of the golf club. Making your thumb and index finger to look like a gun will return the best results. Do not get lazy and let these two fingers start to curl back around the grip of the golf club. This will defeat the purpose and in essence shoot yourself. Now place your left hand on the club as well and take a few practice swings. Notice how much heavier the club feels and where your hands are at impact. With a six iron, your hands should be covering your left toes. It will feel weird as it will be very different from what you are doing.
2.    Equipment
I know you are probably thinking that there is no way that I am going to buy another club. Since you would not be buying the club from me, please hear me out. This possibly could be a much easier fix than you think.

A.    Golf Ball
What type of golf ball do you play? The spin rate of a ball can greatly affect the initial launch of a golf ball. Many times facilities will host free ball fittings at their facilities throughout the season. You may want to look at some of the lower spin rate balls form Bridgestone or Titleist as it would not be any real cost in simply comparing them.

B.    Shaft
Being a six handicap, I am going to assume that you have some clubhead speed. If you do create some clubhead speed, you may need a little stiffer shaft. I do not really mean going from an S300 to an X100. I am talking more about tipping the shaft which will make it stiffer. Tipping is simply cutting the end of the shaft that is inserted into the head. This, in turn will make the club play stiffer. You would have to go through a fitting to properly determine this.

C.    The final aspect of your equipment to consider is the club head. With all of the perimeter weighted heads in the market, you may have one that is “too game improvement” for you. Again, a proper fitting on a launch monitor by a PGA Professional can help you with this.

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