Putting Lessons

Putting Lessons

Putting is the most important aspect to learn if you are trying to play good golf. A putting lesson can come in many forms and below we will discuss some of the more popular options:

Online Putting Lesson – You are correct! You can receive great putting instruction as long as you have an internet connection. With the use of mobile devices such as a smart phone or an IPad, you can literally take your instructor with you anywhere. You do not have to worry about your schedule matching your instructors as the info can be consumed at your convenience.

Putting-LessonDistance Putting Lesson – When it comes down to it, only two things matter in putt…the distance and direction. Which is more important and why? How can you control your distance? I will give you a hint; you do not need the hole to practice this one!

Direction Putting Lesson – If you are struggling with making short putts, more than likely it is your direction that needs some fixing. Learn what influences direction off of the putter more than any other thing!

Ladies Putting Lesson - Many women enjoy putting and are open to taking a ladies putting instruction. Many ladies find it fun because they do not have to go to the driving range and try to belt the ball as far as they can on every swing. As a matter of fact, you can have fun doing putting drills or playing many putting games with your friends, spouse or kids that puts everyone on equal ground and the games can become pretty competitive at times. A word of warning to the ladies…

One Handed Putting Drill - Many players struggle with getting a putt started on the correct line. A very simple one-handed putting drill has help many students get the feeling and master the mechanics of what is to happen in a consistent putting stroke.

Online Putting Instruction – Go to your laptop or desktop and do some research on good putting instructors. Once completed, you will be able to take your “new” instructor right to the practice putting green with you to help you improve your game!

Putting Lesson YouTube – YouTube allows you access to literally hundreds if not thousands of golf instructors that prior you would have had no access to. Do some research to make sure the instructor is credible and not just a random guy shooting a video in his basement. There are some very good teachers that put free content on the web!

Online Putting Practice – Although going to the driving range and swinging your driver may make your ego feel better for a moment, the way to lower your scores is to practice your putting and improve your putting stroke.

Putting Lesson Video – By using today’s technology, if you are having trouble with your putting while practicing, simply pull out your smart phone or IPad and watch a putting instruction video. No matter whether you are struggling with your direction or your distance you will find plenty of solutions offered.

Putting Lessons from the Pros – Whenever I hear the term Lessons from the Pros I think of Fred Couples. He did a Lesson with the Pros on the Golf Channel. Fred was asked how he hit a draw and his response was telling. He said that really he just visualized it, felt it and then did it. Being a great player like Fred, does not necessarily make you a great or even good teacher.

Online Putting Tips – There are many online putting tips available to anyone with an internet connection. Simply type your challenge into the search box and you will have multiple solutions brought right to you. I would suggest that you know a little something about the teacher doing the video, make sure they are credible and what they say seems logical to you.

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