Golf Academy

Golf Academy

With more an more players looking to the internet for answers to their swing challenges, a golf academy can come in many forms. What really does an online golf school have to offer? Well, at Wireless Golf Coach, we offer the following to help you improve and more importantly enjoy the game.

Golf AcademyPersonalized Online Golf Lessons –With a Wireless Golf Coach membership, you do not have to go diving into thousands of articles or videos trying to figure out which article or video is the best one to better your swing. By using a laptop, IPad, IPhone, Android phone or desk top, you will answer a series of very simple questions about your ball flight and the proper drill will be given to you right on your device! How cool is that?

Online Golf Academy -With many people using technology to learn different tasks, they are also turning to online golf instruction to improve everythign form their full swing to thier putting stroke. Many players find that the convenience of being able to take their golf lessons with them anywhere go or travel works well with their schedules becoming more and more crowded.

Internet Golf Lessons -Just a few years ago learning the game of golf through the internet or online was not available. There are many benefits to taking internet golf instruction.

Online Golf School -An online golf school is a new way to learn how to play golf or simply improve your game. There are many benefits to learning the game through these types of mobile golf lessons.

Golf Clinic -There are many types of clinics available to all skill levels of golfers. Just because you have attended a clinic does not mean that you still cannot get good information on a second go around. Below are just few examples of these types of golf clinics:

Mobile Golf Academy –Being able to access on any device with an internet connection allows you to take your golf instruction with you everywhere you go. If you travel, lessons are hassle free and at your convenience. You do not have to coordinate your schedule with your instructor’s schedule and wait to take a lesson. You can do this on the driving range, your hotel room or from home! You can take as many as you want, right now! Really!

Ladies Golf Academy –Wireless Golf Coach hosts ladies only events such as online golf webinars and clinics. No matter your skill level, it is a great place to meet other ladies, network and discuss golf. Topics discussed but are not limited to are: Fundamentals of the golf swing, short game and putting. Rules and etiquette (if you are not playing in a tournament…DO NOT stress over this! It is about having fun!) We will even talk about how to keep your husband from trying to teach you the game that he cannot play!

Junior Golf Academy –Wireless Golf Coach also provides programming strictly for junior golfers. There will be articles and video s especially for them. Junior specific webinars will allow them to realize that they have many challenges that others have and they also have a forum to share their successes. Topics to be discussed include but are not limited to are: When should a junior start playing? How much should a junior play? How many tournaments should a junior play? Fundamentals of the golf swing, short game and putting as well as Rules and Etiquette of the game.

Short Game Golf Academy –We think the short game is any shot from 100 yards and in for and average male golfer (ladies and gentlemen, this distance could become shorter depending on how far you can make the ball go with your 7-iron)

Corporate Golf Schools –With today’s technology there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to get employees to a certain destination for a golf school. Wireless Golf Coach can do it online! Everyone will be able to still see and speak to each other during the online event or clinic. Your employees can get the information they need and you can lose the thousands of dollars to travel cost. You will look like a hero!



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