What Is A Golf Webinar?

What Is A Golf Webinar?

Very simply put it is an online golf seminar. It can come in a couple of different forms. It could be a pre-recorded presentation on a certain topic. For example, if you were attending a putting webinar, a presentation could be shown over the fundamentals of putting. Another form would be a live webinar. A live webinar is awesome because you have someone that you can communicate with through submitting questions or comments through a message board or Facebook. Google+ now offers what is called a Google+ hangout. This allows up to ten people to video conference each other. This type of golf web seminar would be the equivalent to taking part in a golf clinic. In many cases, multiple forms are used at once.


Why Attend Webinars?

There are many benefits to attending a web seminar on golf. Here are just a few reasons:

1.Cost – Receiving instruction in this format is typically much less expensive than taking a one on one lesson. This is a great option for you no matter whether you are a rank beginner or have been playing the game for years.

2.No Travel Required – Maybe you live in a rural location and high level golf instruction is not near where you live. This format gives you access to many teachers and as long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to them.

3.Time – Face it, nobody has the time that they once had. This format allows you to watch when it is convenient for you to do so. Yes these events will be scheduled as it is a live event, however, many times these events are archived so you can watch it at you leisure if you cannot make it.

4.Interactive – The majority of events that I see are interactive. Of course, how much will be determined by the format selected above. Not only will you be able to interact and learn from the host, but, you will also be able to interact with others attending the event and learn from them as well.

5.Easy to leave or check out – Every topic is not for everyone. Depending on the audience, maybe the deep conversation about the amount of torque on a golf shaft does not interest you. If this is the case, you can go ahead and leave the event and still have the ability to go back and skim through it once it is posted in the archives.

Things to Remember

Webinars are a great way to learn new things without having to leave the office or spend a lot of money, but there are a few things you should remember to do in order to make sure your experience goes well.

What Should You Do First?

1. Check System Requirements - Since webinars require the use of your computer, make sure your system meets requirements from the webinar software that will operate the event. Also, if you are connecting from work (we will not tell), you should make sure the domain hosting the webinar is not blocked.

2. Download Necessary Software - Some webinars are completely web-based, but others require you to download software or browser plugins. Make sure you have all the appropriate software installed so you are not scrambling to get up and running while the webinar has already started.



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