Ladies Golf Webinar

Ladies Golf Webinar

No matter whether you are a new golfer or you have been playing for quite some time, a ladies golf webinar can not only help you to improve but also have more fun. Many ladies ask us what is covered in a session. The answer to this is really up to you as you have the ability to ask questions and interact with the moderator about anything that you do not understand or would like more information. Obviously, the sessions will often cover the fundamentals and a few other topics such as…


Ladies Golf Webinar – Full Swing

The most obvious topic would be the full swing. Webinars come in a few different forms. Some will begin with a recorded presentation and allow participants to ask questions of a moderator at the end. Others are interactive throughout the entire process. With this being said you can receive instruction on the grip, stance, posture, balance, backswing forward swing and follow through. Depending on the instructor’s setup, it can feel like you are taking a one on one lesson. The best part about that is that you or the instructor can be anywhere as long as you both have an internet connection.


Ladies Golf Webinar – Putting

Just like with the full swing, the basics of the putting stroke can be covered. Unlike just watching a video that you found on the internet, the advantage to one of these sessions is that you will be able to ask questions of the instructor. This will insure that you are going down the correct path and will shorten the learning curve for you.


Ladies Golf Webinar – Short Game

Do you understand the difference between a chip shot and a pitch shot? Do you need different clubs for these shots? Is there a difference in how you stand to the ball before hitting each of these shots? These are just some of the basic questions that should be covered in this type of session.


Ladies Golf Webinar – Beginning Ladies

For those ladies that are just beginning to learn how to play, you have many questions that can be answered using this forum. The good news is that you will have other new golfers that you can interact with or chat with and not feel like you are the only one with a question. In many in-person clinics, the instructor will dive right into the mechanic of the golf swing. The challenge is that you have even more basic questions because you have never played the game or played very little. You have questions like: What is the dress code at a golf course? What is a tee time and how do I make one? What type of shoes do I need to wear? Do I have to buy a whole set of clubs before I start? All of these are legitimate questions that can be answered in this type of laid back forum.


Using a webinar to learn the game of golf is a great idea for many different players. Not only does it give you access to instructors that you may not otherwise be able to interact with, you have the ability to meet and socialize with other golfers who are ready to support you and have fun playing the game.



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